KoolitzTravel #1 – Our Dubai our first visit

Hello neighbors,

My husband and I decided to have a short trip to Dubai. We went on May 2015, the weather is hot so I assume it’s summer already.

Dubai is one of the most visited destinations in the world, and it is one of the states of the United Arab of Emirates. It is the place of one of the world’s tallest building/tower, at the time this post is posted. Entertainment destinations, hidden gems in the traditional souk, or family fun-filled attractions i.e. water and theme parks.

Here are some things that we learn, you might wanna know, before visiting Dubai:

a. Don’t do Drugs. Dubai has zero tolerance towards possession, use, and selling of drugs. Even prescription drugs may be considered contraband.

b. Don’t Drink Alcoholic drinks in Public. Go easy on that all-you-can-drink champagne brunch, nightclub or bar binge.

c. Dress Modestly. No Nudity. Women must refrain from going topless at the beach. And even men should cover-up when walking through the streets.

d. No Song and Dance. Don’t play loud music or dance in the streets. Resist the urge until you’re on an official dance floor.

e. No Kissing in Public. A British couple was jailed for having sex on a beach, but even kissing can get you in trouble.

f. Respect their religion and culture. Watch your Tongue. Avoid cussing and blasphemous remarks against Islam. Many foreigners have been jailed for making an off-the-cuff comment.

g. Keep Style Sensible. Dubai is a stylish cosmopolitan city but there has been a recent crackdown on women wearing tight, short, skimpy, or suggestive clothing.

h. Watch your Photography. It is considered rude and intrusive to snapshots of people, especially women, without expressed permission.

i. Watch Your Wallet. Dubai has a low crime rate and one tends to get complacent but petty crime does happen here, as everywhere.

j. Keep Your Gay Views on the Quiet. Any sexual relations outside of traditional marriage is considered a crime in Dubai.

k. Don’t Eat in Public During Ramadan. Do not eat, drink or smoke in public while Muslims are fasting. Even chewing gum is disrespectful.

l. Don’t Use Your Left Hand! The left hand is traditionally used for “body hygiene” in Muslim cultures, so don’t greet anyone with a left-handed shake, open doors and above all, don’t hand somebody food, with your left hand.

Every country has its own rules and regulations to follow.

We also learn that Dubai has costly accommodation, and as one of the shopping destination so better budget and spend your money wisely.

This journey has taught us, as a couple, a new perspective about Dubai and its citizens.

There is no perfect country but I can tell that it’s one of the safest countries to travel with and even settle too. We also learn to appreciate other cuisines like we never had.

This jaunt has made us embarked our passion for traveling, hopefully, another country. Where do you think is our next destination?

Quote to ponder: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” – Saint Augustine

Updated: 19-May-2019

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