KoolitzBlog #2 – Nestle’ After Eight chocolate (Review)

Hello neighbors,

Have you eaten this a chocolate with peppermint? Well, as you know I love chocolates, so one day my husband bought me this box.

I fell in love with it, for the first week, I would go to the supermarket and buy more of these boxes. This taste amazing.

The fondant in the center of After Eights is made from a stiff paste of saccharose, water, and a small amount of the enzyme invertase. This fondant can readily be coated with dark chocolate. After manufacture, the enzyme gradually splits the saccharose into the much more soluble glucose and fructose, resulting in more liquid consistency.[2] Maturing of the mint is said to take over three days.[citation needed] Once manufactured, each completed chocolate is packaged in an open paper wrapper and then loaded into a box. (Source)

IMG_1739You can check JunkFoodDotCom’s Review about it as well.

So what do you think? Do you like chocolate with peppermint, flavored fondant cream center?

Updated: 19-May-2019


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