KoolitzBlog #3 – Five Days of Social Media Ban (Digital Detox)

Hello neighbors,

I decided to have a social media digital detox for a week. But it took me only five days and finally joined the internet world again.

I just needed a break. I needed to recalibrate myself.

So among the platform that much excited to use is Facebook and Youtube but I will be including Twitter and Instagram to my digital detox. Why I decided to have a ban for five days? Well, I was feeling overwhelmed with my social media habits especially FACEBOOK and thought it would be beneficial to take a step back and breath.

My heavy social media use had caused me some strained vision, neck and back pain. I think I am not the person who feels this way. I am hoping that restraining from social media I will become more focused, more productive, and more organized.

I am not here to prove on anything, I am just an ordinary person who once in a while feeling this way about social media. 

Overall, my five-day self-restraint from social media had me feel liberated from my time waster habit. The lack of constant scrolling, liking posts, browsing photos, had me improved my well-being, my productivity at work and at home. My mind is clear and focus. I feel like I am learning how to properly communicate in a world without social media.

I must admit though there is a bit of struggle when you get bored, time normally spent on my phone: in transit, waiting in line, waiting for someone, basically when I am idled. I found myself opening my phone and listen to music. 

I’ll go back to using some social media platforms. I think the main thing that I’ve learned for five days of being off from social media is about balancing.

What do you think?

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Updated: 19-May-2019

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