KoolitzBlog #6 – One Week Social Media Ban by E.B. Johnson

I read the blog of E.B. Johnson (read here), about her one week social media ban. It strikes me, I have felt the same way as her, which one of my reason why I started to blog again because I feel intoxicated.

Social medias are our tools to allow us to create, share or exchange information, ideas and others. But later I did realize that I am becoming lazy, less face-to-face communication with friends/family and being unproductive.

Before internet, I have this goal to be a writer or a journalist or create something creative or be a photographer, anything that would advance or add to my hobbies aside from work. Unknowingly, that was fifteen years ago, how time flies and I didn’t even become the writer I imagined myself to be.

I need to detox my life with all these social network, or shall I say declutter some. But first I need to know when I am planning to do it. I am hoping soon. 🙂

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