KoolitzBlog #8 – Crying to Early 2000’s Music by tinyegg.wordpress.com

After reading his/her blog, I do recall myself when I was young, vulnerable and naive (which is I am supposed until now but I am in the process of improvement 🙂 ), that I do to cry for 2000’s music.

In the 2000’s I need to save up just to get the CD/cassette for me to listen to my current favorite song to the nth times. Unlike today we can listen to music in Youtube, or borrowed somebody’s mp4 or stream online.

Anyway to make my story short, when I grew older, I experience to travel, explore new hobbies, be creative, think positive and a lot more, I grasp living by choosing happiness (hahaha!, I learn it the hard way).

This song, one of many to mention, made me fall in love and cry at night: Listen here. 🙂

KoolitzBlog 8

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