Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you for this recognition. No words can express my gratitude.

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A big thank you to Luna (
who nominated me for this award 🙂 I was quite surprised, but yayyyy ^_^

Anyways, I have to nominate 15 blogs for this award, so here goes, (They are in no particular order)

1. Human Interest  This guy was one of my first followers and he really knows how to make people laugh (

2. Beckydue  She gives awesome advice and cool daily challenges, she’s a real motivator    (

3.Celona    A random blog I came across and turned out to become friends with, he’s a really passionate person, and I love his poetry! (

4.Char Another one of my earliest followers, she inspired me to be as random and open as possible, her blog is cute and interesting. (

5. A pondering mind  His posts are always something to think about and that is what I like about it!   (

6.Emmamorica Her…

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