Blogging 101: Day Two – Taking Control of My Title and Tagline

Previously the title of my blog is Simply Me Daily Blog, as this is what I want to do. I had the tagline “Happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all details of daily life” by William Morris, we have the freedom to choose happiness, so grab it!

Why I decided such? I want to share ideas, by doing this I have to take baby steps, start first a few words as possible to be precise and comprehensible (as what I feel too!), I want to give my opinions on the articles I read either from my fellow bloggers, you can hate me or love me for it, I want share inspiring stories either from my own experience or from the other bloggers.

But for the sake of day two blogging 101 tasks, I decided to make a little twist of my blog’s title to My Simple Daily Blog, and as for my tagline, “The Prominence of Happiness, Fun of Living”, for me, happiness is not just what makes us laugh literally, we should appreciate what we have less or more, we should be grateful for we are still alive, kicking and blogging.

“Fun of Living” was suggested by our fellow blogger Anand, check his blog here to show some love 😀