Blogging 101: Day Four – My Audience

When I started to blog, my aim is to be better a better writer/blogger. I know this will take time and the learning process can be a pain in the bottom (Hahaha!).

As part of my learning process, to sum up my research, I learn that we need to plan and build our blog.

First in planning, as blogger we need to decide which part of the vast audience we want our blog to be appealing.

And lastly, build our blog, use whatever social media is available, by selecting our target readers which might help us to focus on who are interested in spending a portion of their time reading such posts, of course while having their tea or coffee at the same time.

So who are our audience?

Our audience is US, me and you.

The basic principle is we should like what we posts in our own blog, the ideas that we share, and maybe we might have the best of viewers we can imagine to have.