Blogging 101: Day Five – I Love My Theme

As part of day five blogging 101, I learn that a good theme gives your blog a unique personality that delivers out good impression to your target readers.  My preference would be simple, soft, elegant, chic, and has responsive design layout.

While browsing the wordpress themes (the free one of course as for now!), below are my shortlisted current faves themes:

One of my favorite is The Untitled Theme, here is the Demo and Details.

You can try these too:

Twenty Twelve, Demo and Details.

Edin, Demo and Details.

Fictive, Demo  and Details.

Flounder, Demo  and Details.

I decided to use Forever, you can explore the Demo and Details.

You can try checking out other few bloggers how they have chosen their themes, to get transformation and inspiration. Happy browsing 😀


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