Blogging 101: Day Seven – Keeping Personal

A reader like me can barely skip a day without visiting at least one blog that has at least given a personal touch to his/her blog, we as a bloggers should know, why?

As said in today’s task, customization of the header or adding widgets in the sidebars or insert some images are just simply offering a welcoming experience. It is one of the few ways enhance users experience and welcoming feeling to its readers, according to the blogger’s own taste, preference and interest.

Here is some changes I made today:

Previously –


Currently, at of the time of publish: (it may change from time to time) –


As part of my learning experience and as a reader myself, personalizing helps to increase the usability of the blog, and to eliminate the irrelevant info for the readers.

We may not be able to instantly change overnight, they say no matter how hard your choices turns out to be, but we can make distinctive changes as our heading.


Postcard 2015.11.02