Blogging 101: Day Eight – Be A Good Neighbor

Part of day eight blogging 101, is being kind and a good neighbor too, this will help you build a respectful and considerate relationship with our fellow bloggers and readers at the same time. I am new to blogging so if anyone offers their advice on how I can improve my blog or how to improve my writing skills I’ll be glad to jot it down.

Who wants to be in an island alone, so here are some of the few blogs I have visited today for this activity:

Commented on her Bridal Collection – Summer 2015

good neighbor 1

  • Tamami – Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Commented on of his design named entry “Now I Know I’ve Got A Heart”

good neighbor 2

  • Yen – Who is a bookworm and loves cat

Commented on her entry “2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge”, I might consider this challenge, let’s see in the future 😀

good neighbor 3

  • Debbie – Who likes to hike a lot 😀

Commented on her entry “Hiking Alone”, I like to hike alone or with someone

good neighbor 4

Now we know some of few bloggers out there, so visit their blog and show some love. This, I know, is one of a few ways to be the best neighbor possible. Put a little bit spare time and kind effort, we might be contributing towards our fellow bloggers’ being and stay harmonious for our online experience.

And just want to thank all the readers, likers, commentators, advisers and hoppers for dropping by my blog.

welcome to the neighborhood

P.S.: Thank you Kathy for the feedback 😀