KoolitzBlog #5 – Social Media Experiment – Child Predator by #Coby Persin

Hello neighbors,

The first news in my news feed which struck me.

What is the message? That we are taught when we are young (and now we are adult) not to talk to strangers, and now not to trust anyone online they meet. I am not saying we have to be suspicious or rude.

But this kind of situation we have to be cautious by evil strangers that makes the situation that – It’s ok to meet sneaky strangers and have a meal with them.

For me, Social Media is sharing our frenzy side thru photos, videos, and some narrative stories that inspire, help make connections to lost family, and other advantages that we should be using rather than abusing it, we have a choice.

This video reminds me that we should watch ourselves as well as our youth, as they are constant danger outside and inside the house, to watch what information you are sharing to.

What would have happened if it wasn’t staged?

Check out other videos of Coby Persin that are inspiring. Be sure to share some love 😀

Updated: 19-May-2019

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