Blogging 101: Day Ten – Build a Better Blogroll

I’m a big subscriber of using whatever social media that you can find just to ideas to occupy my mind, learn old or new stuff and being aware about the current events.

“Today’s assignment: create a blogroll to share a few links you love.”

What is Blogroll? (on a blog) a list of hyperlinks to other blogs or websites.

Below are the list of widgets that as a reader myself I must find from the other blogger’s blog:

Categorize – When I first visit blogs, this is the first widget I want to find, this helps me to browse and look around my neighbor’s blog. So I applied in my blog as well.

Blogs I Follow – This is my personal preference, I like to re-read or browse the blogs that I know that the blogger interested enough to be blogging not only about him/her self but what he/she thinks at the moment, my favorite part is to see their creativity, whether in writing, photography, travelling guides, and a lot more.

Other Social Media – As what I said in my introduction I am big subscriber of whatever social media that is available as long as I find it useful.

I hope this will be helpful for you in deciding what blogroll you want your blog to have. You can check mine here.

Most importantly to remember, be a passionate blogger is stunning, and be passionate enough to fuel your purpose.

We need to connect and share awesome ideas.


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