Premio Dardos Award

Thank you Precious, I can’t thank you enough.

Check her blog here.

Premio Dardos Award

Shine On!

Last night, I had my 6 to 9 pm class that really drained my energy. It was too hard to hail a jeepney on the way home, because it was a Payday Friday. When I got home, I decide to check WordPress on my iPad for notifications and go through the Reader. Much to my surprise, Anand of Blabberwockying! nominated me for Premio Dardos Awards! It instantly changed my stressed out mood to an excited one. Thanks so much, Anand, you’ve just been the best!

As most of us know, Anand is the friendliest one yet that I have met on Blogging 101. He’s been such a huge help to me and my blog. This is such a grateful experience for me and my blog. To think that I only have roughly 57 followers! Maraming salamat!!

I would like to nominate these awesome bloggers for this award!…

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