Blogging 101: Day Fourteen – Extend Your Brand

For recap for blogging 101 day thirteen, click here.

Today’s tasks: extend your brand with one of the following: a custom site icon, a custom image widget, or a fan page.

The icon of my website is not my own, so I might change it, will let you know when I have the final design, temporarily I am using it for now, as this blog is for my personal media space to share my ideas and learning tools to become a writer/blogger.

blog logo

Illustrate Design by Anum Tariq

The brand that I am setting my blog is a DAILY BLOG, it’s an identity that I want to have, and I want my readers to remember me with my blog, sharing ideas, simple as that.Β As they say simplicity is the key in branding your blog/website.

So what brand are you?

name brand