KoolitzBlog #10 – Grudge towards a Father

Holding grudges and not forgiving someone is a thing that comes naturally to us. Nobody is perfect. We may done wrong to someone in the past, it is either family, friends or just a stranger.

I have a friend who is not treated well by her father, she can even remember every tiny details how her father mistreated her.

She grew up beaten by her father, it not that bad actually, for me it is part of growing up in our place (I am not sure other places ha!) it is either she did wrong or she break the rules in the house or her father is having a bad day.

Every time we have had a conversation if that particular topic is related to abuse, she immediately narrates her hurtful story.

I asked her “Are you not tired remembering all these?” and she replied “I don’t hate him, but I always remember what he did to me”

In the way of life, it speaks about two elements of forgiveness: a) God’s forgiveness; b) Human forgiveness. We need both, because we do wrong in our relations to God as well as in our relations to each other.

We should learn to forgive the person who wronged us and always remember to forgive yourself as well. I know it is easy said than done. If you can’t forgive someone, how can a person that you have hurt forgive you?

Forgiveness is the key to freedom. I do not know with you but there is a joy in forgiveness.

I share this short story for us to be reminded:


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