3 Youtuber Monthly Favorites for August 2015

Last Blogging 101, day fifteen, we were asked to have a feature on our blog. At that time as I mentioned I am having hard to have one that I am familiar and passionate about.

I am always on youtube in my free time, I remember that I was about to do a post about my favorite youtubers, oh no!, it completely slipped from my mind. Thanks to Kelsi of ShoppingandStuff, which most of her favorite youtubers is also my favorites, she helped me remember that idea and inspired me to make it happen, and will be featured in my blog monthly.

Before we used to say “Who is your favorite actor/actress?”, but if you asked the youth nowadays most of their role model is a Youtuber.

I will be choosing my favorite three (3) Youtuber every end of the month with different category and style of vlogging. Here we go:

a. Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle – Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese origin but was born in America, she is the digital pioneer, who trail-blazed her way in the world of fashion and beauty on Youtube. She started making youtube videos on May 2007. Phan is the first beauty guru in youtube that I have had watched for years. She uses make-up with creativity.

One of my favorite videos is one of her tip “How to Stretch Your Shoes With Ice“.

Check her official website, and her Youtube.



b. Comedy, Pranks & Lifestyle – Yousef Saleh Erakat is a Palestinian origin but was born in America, he is better known as FouseyTube. He started posting videos in youtube on 2011. He has the passion in Film-Making, and he likes green tea. He is well-know for making skits about Arab and later on he added some pranks and his journey in his weight loss. Though he went a lot of struggles depression and is still trying to overcome it.

One of my favorite videos is “Annoying People During Movies

Check his Youtube.


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c. Technology, Entertainment & Design – IGN Entertainment focuses on video games, walkthroughs, films, trailers, music and other media, it was founded by media entrepreneur Chris Anderson in September 1996.

Get more, visit their official website and Youtube.


Who are your favorite Youtubers?

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