Writing 101: Day Seventeen – Mine Your Own Material

Writing 101 day seventeen,

The physical artifacts of our lives act as our raw material: hardbound journals, photo albums, newspaper clippings, belongings handed down to us. But these days, we also document and live online, so we can treat our blogging platforms and social spaces in the same way.

I like looking for post ideas in these places. I once used phrases from a forgotten draft in my dashboard to create almost-poetry. I’ve searched my social accounts for old Facebook posts and tweets and written blog posts about my social media behavior. I’ve experimented with creative content generators, like Poetweet, which uses your tweets to create poems.

Imagine a shopper searching for vintage items at a flea market, or an artist using recycled materials to build a sculpture. Can you dig through your online treasures and build upon old stories and existing writing? Here are more ideas:

  • Take a peek in the drafts section of your dashboard. Can you use unpublished copy in a new way?
  • Scroll through your Facebook wall and see if any posts catch your eye. Do you feel the same as when you first posted something? Can you comment on how you’ve evolved?
  • Look at the stream of tweets you’ve favorited over time. Why did you favorite a particular tweet? What does your list of favorites say about you?
  • If you use the Tag Cloud Widget, scan the terms in your tag cloud. Can you write prose or poetry that uses most of these words?

If you have trouble finding ideas this way, think about the things we leave behind. Tell us about a time you’ve left an object, place, person, or even an idea behind — and had to move on.

If you have join the Blogging101 Alumni, you would probably be familiar with the #Poetry Corner lead by our dear fellow blogger Anand, if you haven’t please join and you will learn more topics to be inspire about with interactions from our fellow bloggers who is doing great in blogosphere.

It would be my first time to make a poetry out from my own blog from tag cloud or from my posts, here I go:


There are many things that makes me happy

In Fashion, Simple, chic, and with my favorite hat

Playing video games, I learn that hobby with my husband (haha!), benefits from it is what I want to get

Good Health and Well-Being

My Simple Daily Blog! has officially hit the triple digits.

My Simple Daily Blog is my Hub

happy kid

Focus on what matters and stay positive.

Love yourself

When life knocks us down, we should try to land on our back.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times


Life has many colors

We are all beautiful and capable of doing amazing things

Fun to learn new things that is out of comfort zone

We all need to start somewhere

by: Koolitzable


I hope I interpreted the task for day seventeen, and I hope this posts would help you as it helps me to understand how to become a better writer/blogger someday.