Writing 101: Day Nineteen – Feature A Guest (Round-Up)

Writing 101 day nineteen,

As mentioned on Day 11, today is the day to publish your collaboration post! Ideally, you reached out to a candidate and gathered what you needed. Today, publish this post, and don’t forget to link back to your collaborator’s site.

For those who didn’t reach out to someone, publish a roundup of great reads: blog posts or articles you’ve enjoyed this week and want to share with your followers. If you’d like ideas on how to format your roundup, check these out:

For the roundup, don’t worry about word count or the number of items to include — just focus on sharing posts you’ve read and loved.

In my writing 101 day eleven, I write about the things I do when I am not writing/blogging, so I am publishing a ROUNDUP of great reads which I enjoyed of the week, here you go:

a.  The Three Types of Work Outfits – by Carla Mae of Camae’s Escapade / 393 words, her personal work outfit,

b. The Souvenirs I Get From Europe – by Alia Galal of Alia Galal’s Writing Blog / 869 words, I like how her parents taught her to travel as much as she can, I believe it too coz we learn something in life through travelling.

c. Life As A Grown Up – by MissB of Laugh, Life, Prosper / 557 words, we all have life in and out of our blog, it is up to us how to manage it 🙂

If you want to read more interest post you can check the blogs I follow in the side bar.

Thank you for reading, remember “Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to Try“.