KoolitzBlog #14 – The Thing About Me

After reading Jesse Villareal’s blog, I remember that awkward feeling that I had when I first posted this about me page, you know about yourself but you tend to forget to write or remember about most of the times, because this is YOURSELF or MYSELF kinda thing. You know what I mean.

Used to be awkward, but learning to overcome it.

A respectable blogger once commented “Reading about you, felt like I was reading bits of myself” (shout out to HOPE), comments/feedbacks like this I often find myself staring at my monitor, made me speechless. Telling myself, I thought I was the only one.

Every time I re-read my previous posts, I realize that when you want to be writer/blogger, you have to know yourself, your own strengths or weaknesses, to get an inspiration on what to write. To know what to write is to know what the writer/bloggers wants to share, like about themselves, or their adorable family or their hangouts with friends or just to share their own creative writing skills.

This is what I learned, and still learning, from Blogging University of WordPress.com when I joined their writing/blogging exercise.

So I guess, the thing ABOUT ME, there is no right or wrong answers about it eh!. As always remember just be yourself. No more no less.

KoolitzBlog 14

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