5 Things Tuesday – Happiness Habit #2

Hello neighbors,

In continuation to my first happiness habit, this week I’d like to share 5 happiness habits tips that you and I can use to create a happier summer – for ourselves. 

  1. Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had –  Never forget that, though you cannot control the past or undo your mistakes, the future is unwritten and you are the one holding the pen.
  2. Sometimes silence is better than right – I learned and still learning to choose my battles, just let go of being attached to being right and let silence speak its wisdom.
  3. Life is too short to worry about silly things – Have fun. Fall in love. Travel the world, and don’t let people bring you down.
  4. Like everything else this too shall pass – is an adage indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary.
  5. Once a year go some place you’ve never been before – Travelling is making a journey of discovery.

Do you agree on my list? What’s makes you happy?

5 Things Tuesday