KOOLITZBLOG #17 – Change Brings Opportunity

Hello neighbors,

Its been a while, I feel like I owe you one of those posts where we can sit down and have some coffee talk while playing our favorite songs.

I feel INSPIRED again after a long hiatus from blogging (daytime job related :-D), I want to let you know that I am doing some changes on my blog posts featured – which I know is a lot – and this post will be posted on 12th of August 2016 on my Friday Refresh.

I maybe falling behind my goal – TO BE A WRITER/BLOGGER – but I don’t beat up myself for that, I AM my own critic. Sometimes I need a time away from the things that I want, to succeed, be motivated, and to be better than myself from yesterday.


I’m so excited you’re here! Welcome! Want a regular dose of my blog posts?

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