Starring: Adriana Ugarta, Chino Darin, Javier Gutierrez, Alvaro Morte, Miquel Fernandez,
Directed by: Oriol Paulo
Runtime: 2 hours, 8 mins
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Initial Release Date: November 30, 2018 (Spain)
Age-appropriateness: 16+ by Common Sense
My Ratings:☆☆☆
Official Website, here
Official Trailer, here:

English Version Trailer, here:

MIRAGE is a combination of time-travel and alternate-universe story.


In 1989, a boy named Nico Lasarte was indirectly killed after witnessing a murder of the neighbor’s wife.

After twenty-five years later, a happily married couple, Vera Roy (Adriana Ugarte) and David Ortiz (Alvaro Morte) and with their daughter Gloria (Luna Fulgencio), recently moved to the house.

With an old television and a video recorder found in the attic from the home’s previous owner, Vera stumbles upon a way to save Nico in the past, warns him before that fateful moment.

But altering the boy’s past has a drastic consequence provoking a chain reaction, Vera woke up into a new reality, she is a neurosurgeon neither married nor had a daughter.

In the race against the clock, she desperately trying to persuade the people she knew to bring her back her old life. She has to find out the missing puzzle.

She went to the police station and meet a skeptical cop, Inspector Leyra. He will do his best to help Vera to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of her daughter and her helping him to solve a murder twenty-five years before.

Can she trust anyone or even him? As she discovers that her old life was perhaps nothing more than a mirage.

You’ll better watch it and find out. 😀

My opinion:

It’s not a bad movie, started as an enigma and eventually became explosive in the end. You will feel Vera Roy’s frustration and heartbreak just to bring her daughter back to her life.

At first, I had anticipated what the plot was about, thinking that this movie is like Happy Death Day or Naked (Have you watch it? Promise it thriller and comedy movies). And also reminds me of Lake House but in the horror/thriller version. 😀 

Then all of a sudden, there’s a surprising twist of the story. Some parts are confusing, I think they can do better in their storytelling.

It’s cool to watch this type of movie, knowing actors and actresses outside Hollywood can be given a chance to showcase its talent.

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– Don’t waste your money and time
☆☆ – There are other options
☆☆☆ – Not bad, could be better
☆☆☆☆ – I like it, I’ll watch it again
☆☆☆☆☆ – I love it, I was blown away

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