Starring: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack, Rita Wilson, Hector Elizondo
Directed by: Gary Marshall
Runtime: 1 hr. and 54 mins.
Genre: Comedy, Romance
MPAA Rating: PG

An independent woman with a habit of ditching men at the altar, which brings her to the attention of a reporter.


The movie starts with Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) running away from something or somebody, riding in a horse wearing a wedding dress.

Meanwhile, in New York, a newspaper columnist, Ike Graham (Richard Gere) who is in search of a story to meet his deadline. He is known to write awful stories about women. He bumped with his friend in a bar and a drunk man told his dreadful story about a woman in their hometown who has a habit in ditching guys in front of the altar. They called her The Runaway Bride. Which later in the movie, Ike found out that the drunk man was one of the former grooms.

After listening to the drunkard’s story, Ike went home and start writing about it. The next day, Maggie read a column in a newspaper titled ‘HIT and RUN, and she was thinking that the story sounds familiar and it’s likely about her. Maggie’s best friend Peggy Flemming (Joan Cusack) read it too and went straight to the hardware, where Maggie is working.

Maggie asked Peggy if she has to do with the story, she said no. So Maggie writes back to the paper and points out 15 inaccuracies in the story. Ike, who is the writer of the story, was fired by his editor-in-chief who happens to be his former wife Ellie Graham (Rita Wilson).

Depressed, Ike’s friend Fisher (Hector Elizondo) told him to vindicate and restore his career. He goes to Maryland, Maggie’s hometown. He found her in a salon and told Maggie that he wants to interview her to make the story right.

Maggie declines the offer. So Ike went to her home and met her family to apologize and wanted to interview everyone. Maggie’s father gives Ike’s permission to watch all of the previous wedding videos and make a truthful story out of it.

But before long, the more Ike finds about her the more he is falling in love with Maggie, even hoping for her plans to fall through so that he can be her next groom.

Photo credits to Paramounts

My opinion:

Well, my thoughts are how could a woman ditch guys five times in the altar. Is that even possible? 😀

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere did a great job in their acting. Their chemistry makes the film works.

Though the story is intriguing and you’ll be wondering if the bride will runaway or she’ll say her ‘I do’. It’s an average movie, they could have made better storylines.

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