Friday Refresh! Editorial Calendar and Blog Updates

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What I am up to?

Finally, I had laid out in my blog editorial calendar for the month of May 2019 of the list of topics that I am planning to write or post in my blog. I might be making some amendments on some topics if I find something interesting to add to it.

If you haven’t known me and my blog, I learn about Editorial Calendar since Blogging 201 Day Four – Give ‘Em What They Want. I was happy to reboot the knowledge that I had after a long hiatus in blogging.


I did my best. Though it’s not quite what you expect in some fancy blogger, well, we’ll get there. It all needs determination, persistence, and all other positive attitudes to get what we aim for and it really makes a lot of difference having a schedule for a blog.

What do you think about having a schedule on your blog? Do you have one?  Let me know in the comments.

Friday Refresh!

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