The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello neighbors,

I wanna thank Ms. Ribana of, I am delighted to be nominated with such an award.

She believes that life is not always easy but gives us the opportunity. It is a continuous experience, a journey with no map and no rules.

I hope I answered all her questions and curiosity.

Well to summarize her questions below are my answers.

I choose to be happy with my life and myself, I choose to be grateful for everything that I have.

As I do believe and it’s in my about page that:

Happiness lies in taking a genuine interest (without stressing yourself) in all details of daily life.Β 

Though I am close to people who are optimistic, I am still surrounded with people with different perspectives in life, people with different moods, and people who don’t give a s*** about what I think if they do something that I don’t approve of. I still try to be positive and expand my horizon of understanding and think there are still good things left in them.

Aside from blogging, in my opinion, sunshine can improve the brain functions while sunsets remind us to appreciates the life we have. And that every day is our happiest moment, waking up healthy with our loved ones.

You can check out my list, it’s a working progress, of positive habits that I am trying for myself.

I will be posting my updated list on 7th May 2019. See you around.

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