5 Things Tuesday – Self-Care Ideas #1 2019

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Nowadays, our lifestyle is filled with activities, gadgets, and stress, it’s tough to be healthy and relax. In my opinion, our anxiety causing us distress as it is my body’s natural response to stress.

According to healthline.com, it’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. Such as going to a job interview, always on-the-go, or constantly annoyed by stiff-necked people.

We need to reboot sometimes to see the path of our goals. 

I found out that self-care can help boost our body system; physically, mentally, and spiritually. A regular routine or a daily habit of love and attention would take care better of ourselves.

Here are the simple ways, in my opinion, that correlate to my lifestyle and I hope yours as well:

1. Enjoy Bath or Shower

Bath or showers, either hot or cold, it’s up to your preferences. You can research about its benefits or effectiveness in your own lifestyle.

A cool or hot/warm shower increases alertness, our overall oxygen intake, improves immunity and circulation, eases stress, cleans our pores, and gives us a better sleep.

2. Take a Nap

Sleep experts reported that daytime naps can improve many things: increase alertness, boost creativity, reduce stress, improve perception, stamina, motor skills and accuracy, enhance your sex life, aid in weight loss, reduce the risk of heart attack, brighten your mood and boost memory.

3. Use positive language and self-talk

One of the most important lessons I have learned is how to speak to myself and others in the positive. The key words to pay attention to are “I am.” Pay close attention to what follows. Is it “stupid” or “an idiot”? Catch yourself and change it to “I am going to learn how to do this” or “I am going to ask for help on this.” Avoid any negative language. You may feel stupid, but you are not stupid.

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4. Unplug yourself from social media

We can just pick one day to respond to messages and comments, or choose a schedule that suits your lifestyle and works for you, or try a one-week social media ban. I tried it, and it helps me organize my priorities, nonetheless, it’s a working progress.

5. Drink water

I guess this is a no brainer, we all know the benefits of hydration. Well, if you don’t, I’ll tell you one.

It increases brain power and provides energy that we need for a mental boost. So if you feel your mental performance diminish, skip the cup of coffee and drink some water, in my opinion.

Do you agree on my list? What’s makes you happy?

5 Things Tuesday

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