3 Youtubers Monthly Favorites for May 2019

Here are my favorite three (3) Youtuber for the month of May with different category and style of vlogging. There are plenty of YouTubers or shall I say Influencers on the internet nowadays.

So I decided to continue this list that resonates my lifestyle and core values, that is worthy of our time.

Here you go:

a. Beauty, Make-Up, Fashion, Lifestyle & Parenting

I started to watch her videos three years ago. Susan Yara is the founder of Mixed Makeup, a women’s lifestyle Youtube channel. She has previously worked in various media companies, as an editor, journalist, on-camera host, and producer.

She also released her Preset The Label in RivalWorld which introduces the Backpack Diaper Bag, ideal for all parents (like me) who like to stay effortlessly organized and appreciate functional fashion. It’s a straightforward style and a chic design. Though I didn’t try it, coz I have one now, I still hope she will succeed in the endeavors she chooses.

My recent watched video:

Connect with Susan:
Susan Yara – Official Youtube

b. Animator commentary and solving crimes

Andrei Terbea is a Romanian animator, 24/7, with his purple goose boi Wilfur. He animates using Adobe Flash CS6, with a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet. Nominated last 2018 for Streamy award (Animation category). He started his YouTube last April 30, 2013, so it’s the 6th year in the making.

I just found out about him during holidays (Labours Day 2019), one of his videos that were recommended in my YouTube feed was “Why I Turned Down Working With KYLIE JENNER!“.

After watching this video I immediately subscribed to his channel, not because of Kylie Jenner but about his video content. In my opinion is OUT OF THE BOX. Currently, he has 1.6m subscribers. You can check him out.


Connect with Andrei Tarbea:
Andrei Tarbea – Official YouTube

c. Infotainment

Psycho2Go is a group of creators who have a love for and interest in the field of psychology. They make valuable content that simultaneously educates its audience and entertains them as well. They provide fun articles, quizzes, issues of our magazine, YouTube videos, etc. that take a refreshing and unique approach to help us tap into our inner self, most importantly, they make it relatable.

Their team hopes to raise awareness about mental health and create a safe space that allows for open communication to those who are struggling in life so we can learn to cope together.

My recent watched video:

Connect with WatchMojo.com:
Psy2Go – Official YouTube
Psych2Go – Tumblr

Who are your favorite Youtubers?

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