Father’s Day

Hello neighbors,

Let’s have some coffee and talk! I am rambling about my thoughts on the occasion of Father’s Day, my apology if it’s kinda messed up. But here it goes:

As far as I remember in my younger years, I never had a chance to celebrate it with my dad. Why? I don’t know what’s on his mind.

Our relationship with him is surreal, he is the type of person who likes to spend time, mostly, with his extended family, colleagues, and his friends with benefits. In what I see, he feels uneasy when he is at home with us that would end up in an argument with my mother, or sometimes, not always, he’ll beat our ass out of my siblings and I because we misbehaved or just being a kid, without any guidance or solution to the cause of our misbehaving.

When we are around him, we are broken to pieces, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. But my mother taught us to be stronger than him. I learned to be open-minded because of it, think beyond all the possibilities on why he does what he does. Trying to forget the memories and hurt was at first my scapegoat. Because I can be numbed about it. But it didn’t help.

Anxiety had me almost all throughout my teenage years. But thanks for a supportive mother, siblings, friends, some relatives, to my beneficial hobbies, and most of all daily prayers help me to divert my mind and emotions to positivity.

Despite all of those moments, I am still grateful to have a father that I know of, no kidding, coz it leads me to be a better person. I look at every opportunity in every difficulty.

We all have pains and hurt throughout our journey in life, either in the past, the present, or even the future. All we have to do is look for the more favorable side of events and simply anticipate the best possible outcome.

In my opinion, life is too short to be resentful, we can have better things to do. Can we try to explore several branches of life?

I hope I didn’t bore you with my personal thoughts on this occasion. I look forward that someday all the fathers out there, please love your spouses and offspring dearly, we have only one life to do it.

Thank you for reading. Have a pleasant day!

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