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Friday Refresh! Temporary Change of Logo 2019

Hello neighbors, I am in the process of reconstructing my blog for a new look, as you can see some of the changes gradually for the next few months from now. I’ll start… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! Free Image Resources 2019

Hello neighbors, What’s your favorite stock photo sites? I was looking to update my list of free stock photos to use for my blog. A royal-free service of stock images that we can… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! News and updates on my Blog

Hello Neighbors, Well, I am starting to gather new information that I needed to rebuild my blog. As I am trying to complete my editorial blog post calendar before the end of this… Continue reading


Hello neighbors, It’s been a long time since I had a chat with you. Life is sometimes crucial but rewarding. I have been in tough times but still keeping the positivity in life… Continue reading

Prime Art: Real Life People into seemingly 2D works of art by Alexa Meade Art

Turn your life into a masterpiece. Show your support for Alexa Meade: I’m so excited you’re here! Welcome! Want a regular dose of my blog posts? Follow @koolitzable Pin… Continue reading

5 Things Tuesday – Happiness Habit #2

Hello neighbors, In continuation to my first happiness habit, this week I’d like to share 5 happiness habits tips that you and I can use to create a happier summer – for ourselves.  Appreciate what… Continue reading

KOOLITZBLOG #17 – Change Brings Opportunity

Hello neighbors, Its been a while, I feel like I owe you one of those posts where we can sit down and have some coffee talk while playing our favorite songs. I feel… Continue reading

Musica: Through The Rain – Mariah Carey 2002

THROUGH THE RAIN When you get caught in the rain with no where to run When you’re distraught and in pain without anyone When you keep crying out to be saved But nobody… Continue reading

Prime Art: Doodling Between the Headlines – Euro 2016

I found this short film that captures the highlights of Euro 2016 by doodling between the headlines. To capture all the major stories from the Euro 2016 football tournament by doodling on pages of… Continue reading

Musica: With You – Chris Brown 2007

WITH YOU [x2] I need you boo, (oh) I gotta see you boo (hey) And the heart’s all over the world tonight, Said the heart’s all over the world tonight [Verse 1] Hey!… Continue reading

Musica: A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson 2003

A MOMENT LIKE THIS What if I told you It was all meant to be Would you believe me, Would you agree It’s almost that feelin’ That we’ve met before So tell me… Continue reading

KOOLITZBLOG #16 – Back to Blogging after a long break

Hello Neighbors,   Yes, I am alive. I have taken a break from blogging as I need to focus on my full time job.   Yes, I got lazy and this is an… Continue reading

5 Things Tuesday – Happiness Habit #1

Hello Neighbor, Happiness is everyone’s ultimate goal in life, we don’t need to read every book that is available in the happiness literature. Happiness is a choice because it starts from our self.… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! Free Image Resources 2015

Due to the copyright infringement, even if we linked back to the photographer or illustrator. All the sites below offer photos under the Public Domain or the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This… Continue reading

Musica: What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong 1967

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. I see skies of… Continue reading

Prime Art: Steve Spazuk Paints with Fire

In times like this, I prefer to read about what this world has to offer. Here is why: Original video here. There is a saying “Do not play with fire.” but this doesn’t hinder… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #15 – Who Should I Read?

Hello neighbors, If I am going to improve as an author, I need to read other authors, maybe, who are not like me. Dan Alatorre, an author of best selling author, is still… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! Updated Blog Feature: Blogger Times

Hello Neighbors, Blogger Times is a new feature in my blog, it is a way to get another blogger’s outlook in life, and to tell their stories in a way just like friends… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! Updated Blog Feature

Dear Neighbors, Here is additional feature of my blogs for the coming weeks: Monday: Monday Insights, my random insights, either quotes or excerpt from a book or some videos that is inspiring or motivational or… Continue reading

Musica: Take My Breath Away – Emma Bunton 2001

TAKE MY BREATH AWAY If I told you how I feel about you Would you say the same and If I wrote it in a letter Would you keep it or throw it… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #14 – The Thing About Me

After reading Jesse Villareal’s blog, I remember that awkward feeling that I had when I first posted this about me page, you know about yourself but you tend to forget to write or remember about… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! Editorial Calendar

Hello Readers, If this is your first time to stop by in my blog, WELCOME! My ABOUT ME is available to read, this page has been updated last 27-Oct-2015. In my day four blogging 201,… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! Blog Updates

Hey Readers, As you know that I had this blog just recently, and fortunate enough to joined Blogging 101 of within that month. Last Friday Fresh!, I had mentioned I have something coming up for my… Continue reading

Musica: Believe It – Cimorelli 2012

BELIEVE IT [Amy:] You’ve got no money, but you got it all And we can take it if you want You think the time, goes on and on You got the whole world… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! Author’s Updates

Hey Guys/Gals, How is your day? Clearly I have been MIA for this week, but still keeping in touch with our fellow bloggers posts, will catch up with all the posts, and your lovely… Continue reading

Friday Refresh! Blog Updates

Hey Guys/Gals, To ensure consistency of inspiration of my daily thoughts/ideas whether its fashion, entertainment, technology, blogging university activities, or just some musing of the day. Here is my scheduled feature for the… Continue reading

Musica: Through The Rain – Mariah Carey 2002

THROUGH THE RAIN When you get caught in the rain with no where to run When you’re distraught and in pain without anyone When you keep crying out to be saved But nobody… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #13 – It’s my 100th Post so I AM SAYING THANK YOU

That’s right, the My Simple Daily Blog! has officially hit the triple digits. I am pretty excited about reaching 100th posts, I started this website just three months ago (check my very first post), I… Continue reading

Musica: The Freedom Song – Jason Mraz 2012

THE FREEDOM SONG I picture something is beautiful It’s full of life and it is all blue I’ve seen the sunset on the beach, yeah It makes me feel calm, when I’m calm… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #12 – My Ten Random Happy Thoughts #GSLIST Tag

One of our dear fellow blogger *A of mylifeandajournal tag me for #GSList Tag, this tag is originally from a blogger of girlshadow, you can check here for the rules. What are the… Continue reading