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5 Things Tuesday – Refreshing Summer Drinks #2

Hello Neighbors, I have updated my non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy on hot summer days. These fruity mocktails will be hit in your drinking bucket list. WATERMELON LEMONADE Combining half watermelon juice, half lemonade.… Continue reading

5 Things Tuesday – Refreshing Summer Drinks #1

Hello Neighbors, Now this summer, I am in search for drinks that would be benefited to our health aside from water. During summer, juices or cold drinks give us some cooling effect and quenching our… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #7 – Food I Can’t Resist – Moist Chocolate Cake

Hello neighbors, As part of my learning process as a blogger, I always come back from my blogging 101 day nine. Getting an inspiration what to write which would genuinely inspire to me.… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #2 – Nestle’ After Eight chocolate (Review)

Hello neighbors, Have you eaten this a chocolate with peppermint? Well, as you know I love chocolates, so one day my husband bought me this box. I fell in love with it, for… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #1 – Addiction to Coffee (My two cents)

Hello neighbors, A cup of coffee in the morning may pack more than just an energy boost, and other benefits. We should be aware of what kind of coffee we should intake. I… Continue reading