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5 Things Tuesday – Self Affirmation #1

Hello neighbors, I believe that happiness is a choice that needs to be our daily habit. I read that self-affirmation can uplift our day. If you doubt that self-affirmation is being a narcissist,… Continue reading

5 Things Tuesday – Self-Care Ideas #1 2019

Hello neighbors, Nowadays, our lifestyle is filled with activities, gadgets, and stress, it’s tough to be healthy and relax. In my opinion, our anxiety causing us distress as it is my body’s natural… Continue reading

5 Things Tuesday – Happiness Habit #2

Hello neighbors, There is no special trick to be happy, we just need to make it a habit, easy said than done, but hey that’s life. We have to fail in order to… Continue reading

5 Things Tuesday – Happiness Habit #1

Hello Neighbor, Happiness is everyone’s ultimate goal in life, we don’t need to read every book that is available in the happiness literature. Happiness is a choice because it starts with our self.… Continue reading