KoolitzBlog #12 – My Ten Random Happy Thoughts #GSLIST Tag

One of our dear fellow blogger *A of mylifeandajournal tag me for #GSList Tag, this tag is originally from a blogger of girlshadow, you can check here for the rules. What are the… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #11 – Food I Can’t Resist the Temptation

As part of my learning process as a blogger, I always come back from my blogging 101 day nine. Getting an inspiration what to write which would genuinely inspiring to me. Today’s inspiration… Continue reading

Musica: Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend 2015

LIKE I’M GONNA LOSE YOU [Meghan] I found myself dreaming In silver and gold Like a scene from a movie That every broken heart knows We were walking on moonlight And you pulled… Continue reading

Liebster Award

Thank you Reiva, it is my pleasure to be nominated 🙂 Check her blog.

3 Youtuber Monthly Favorites for August 2015

Last Blogging 101, day fifteen, we were asked to have a feature on our blog. At that time as I mentioned I am having hard to have one that I am familiar and passionate about.… Continue reading

Musica: Never Gonna Let You Go – Faith Evans 1999

NEVER LET YOU GO If I had one wish, boy I’d wish you next to me And it could be in summer, fall or spring, boy ‘Cause you make my heart sing I… Continue reading


Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin Directed by: Christopher McQuarrie Runtime: 105 mins Genre: Action, Thriller MPAA Rating: PG-13 Ratings:☆☆☆☆ Official Trailer, here Official Website, here Summary: With the IMF disbanded, and Ethan (Tom… Continue reading

Summer Outfit 2015 #7

  Summer Outfit 2015 #7 by koolitzable featuring a cut out sleeve shirt Monsoon cut out sleeve shirt 26 BHD – monsoon.co.uk BLK DNM skinny fit jeans 38 BHD – theoutnet.com Shoe Republic LA stiletto pumps 13… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #10 – Grudge towards a Father

Holding grudges and not forgiving someone is a thing that comes naturally to us. Nobody is perfect. We may done wrong to someone in the past, it is either family, friends or just… Continue reading

Brotherhood Of The World Blogger Award

Thank you Bebot for nominating me, I am flattered that you found my blog. Check out his blog here.

3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day Three – Love

Finally to my favorite part, the last day of the challenge from our dear fellow blogger Candice for a 3 Quotes 3 Days Challenge Day one recap, here. Day two, here. For day three, and… Continue reading

3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day Two – Inspirational

To continue the challenge of our dear fellow blogger Candice for a 3 Quotes 3 Days Challenge Day one recap, here. For day two, I am focus on inspirational quotes: As quoted also by William… Continue reading

3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge: Day One – Motivational

I was challenge by our dear fellow blogger Candice for a 3 Quotes 3 Days Challenge For day one, I am focus on motivational quotes: It takes so little to brighten someone else’s day.… Continue reading

Blogging 101: Day Fifteen – Create a New Posting Feature

If you just hop in, you can find my previous posts on my adventure in Blogging 101. Today’s task: develop a regular feature for your blog. Oh! this is tough for me, browsing… Continue reading

Blogging 101: Day Fourteen – Extend Your Brand

For recap for blogging 101 day thirteen, click here. Today’s tasks: extend your brand with one of the following: a custom site icon, a custom image widget, or a fan page. The icon… Continue reading

Blogging 101: Day Thirteen – Try (Another) Blogging Event

In my previous blogging 101 day eleven and twelve, We are required to explore the blogging community by making a personal prompt either from wordpress or everywhere else, and to read other’s topic… Continue reading

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Originally posted on Arpita's Travelogue:
I am very happy to announce that I have been nominated to receive ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award’ by Rashmi . One reason why this award is so special…

Blogging 101: Day Twelve – Increase My Commenting Confidence

In my previous post for The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Curiosity.”, click here. In relation to our first daily prompt, why I choose the weekly photo challenge about CURIOSITY? It is curiosity in man’s nature… Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award

Originally posted on loveatthespeedoflife:
Over the past couple of weeks, I have been so happy to meet many wonderful bloggers through wordpress’ blogging101 course. Among them has been the lovely joseelavallee, who writes…

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Originally posted on Mind and Life Matters:
Happiness, Cheerfulness, Gaiety, Merriment, joyous are some of the synonyms for the word Sunshine. The funny fact is that my name ‘Rashmi’ in Sanskrit language means ‘Ray…

Multiple Awards

Originally posted on A Momma's View:
One? Two? Three? Yes! Three! Three for me! Three award nominations. How very wonderful! Thank you so much Continuing With M.E. and Ninjaprooved and My Crazy…

Blogger Recognition Award

I really appreciate this. Thank you Josee for igniting something amazing 🙂 Check her blog for details.

Blogging 101: Day Eleven – My First Prompt “Curiosity”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Curiosity.” This is the first Daily Prompt – Photo Challenge in WordPress. I am always CURIOUS. It is curiosity in man’s nature which drives… Continue reading

Liebster Award

Originally posted on loveatthespeedoflife:
I am overwhelmed and humbled! Rashmi, who writes Mind and Life Matters has just nominated my loveatthespeedoflife blog for the Liebster Award! I am overcome with gratitude. Her writing is inspirational…

Premio Dardos Award

Thank you Adrienne for appreciating my blog.  Check her blog here.

News: Orlando Bloom – Pirates of Caribbean V?

Orlando Bloom will officially reprise his role as Will Turner in the upcoming “Pirates” installment, Disney announced at its D23 Expo over the weekend. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will set… Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you Meloheart for the recognizing my blog, I hope that we keep our harmonious blogging community. Check her blog here.

Liebster Award

Oh it’s my pleasure Althea..Thank you for noticing my humble blog, we have unlimited space in wordpress for posts anyway..hahaha 😀 Check her blog for some good reads.

Premio Dardos Award

Originally posted on Rugwed Live!:
Wow! Today Arpita nominated me for the Premio Dardos award. This sounds cool! No it really does. ‘Dardos ‘ It sounds so epic. When I read about my nomination, I was confused…

Summer Outfit 2015 #6

  Summer Outfit 2015 #6 by koolitzable featuring nars cosmetics T shirt 8.848 BHD – truffleshuffle.co.uk Joie jeans 22 BHD – fashionproject.com Vans shoes 17 BHD – swell.com Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses 58 BHD – forwardforward.com Straw hat 6.033 BHD – ililily.com Nars cosmetic… Continue reading