KoolitzBlog #6 – One Week Social Media Ban by E.B. Johnson

I read the blog of E.B. Johnson (read here), about her one week social media ban. It strikes me, I have felt the same way as her, which one of my reason why… Continue reading


Starring: Belén Rueda, Fernando Cayo, Roger Príncep, Mabel Rivera Directed by: Juan Antonio Bayona Runtime: 105 mins Genre: Drama, Thriller MPAA Rating: Rated R Ratings:☆☆☆☆ OfficialTrailer, here: Summary: The plot of the movie is in Spain, it is… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #5 – Dinner out at Rice Bowl

Spending quality time with your family is what I have learnt and still in progress of making it a habit, is one of the important mission that we have to accomplish every now… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #4 – Yamaha organ

Since we were kids, me and my siblings are fond of playing different musical instrument. Luckily, my Mom bought one when I was in high school but didn’t last that long because it’s… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #3 – Nestle’ After Eight chocolate  

Have you ever heard about this chocolate? I am one of those who are crazy with chocolate, dark or white or any color of chocolate as long as it taste chocolate, hahaha! Few… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #2 – My thoughts about Coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning may pack more than just an energy boost, and other benefits. We should be aware what kind of coffee we should intake. I just remember one… Continue reading

KoolitzBlog #1 – Our Dubai short visit

What the heck! we had fun for our five-day trip and that fears that I have melt into thin air without knowing.

Restarting to Blog again

A few years back I was interested in blogging, not thinking if I am using the right grammar or what, as long as it’s a right spelling (fair enough). Nowadays, we have few… Continue reading