KoolitzBlog #4 – 2000’s Music Nostalgia

Hello neighbors,

I recall when I was younger, with all those broken hearts, failed exams, and fight at home, I tend to listen to my 2000’s music and get out my emotions and cry.

Usually, I can only listen to my favorite songs on FM radio. I had to stay awake late just to wait for my favorite DJs to play my favorite songs. Because of limited financial resource, I couldn’t even save up an amount of money to get a cassette recorder or any of the Backstreet Boys album.

Fortunately, at present times we have access to their music on Youtube or Vimeo, not only my favorite 2000’s songs but almost all the singers out there. I can even borrow someone’s cd of music and play it in my cd player.

I just had my nostalgia when I posted this post, finally, I can watch my favorite song ‘Anywhere For You’ by Backstreet Boys.

Updated: 19-May-2019

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