Blogging 201: Day Nine – The Buddy System

Today’s assignment: find a blogging buddy. If appropriate, plan to publish guest posts on one another’s blogs.

If you’re not going to guest post, you can still be helpful buddies. Promote each other’s posts on your social networks — we know you’re looking for more content to share. Link to them in posts, or from your sidebar. And of course, keep using one another for candid feedback and moral support.

What is the buddy system or guest blogger? As what I understand is a online peer blogger with whom you can communicate regarding the publishing the blog’s content. Guest blogging is one of the few effective strategies in reaching out or building your readers/audience, it also drives traffic back to your own blog, as guest posting takes a lot of effort and time.

I had researched that being a guest blogger is one of the few ways to be a great writer, as frequent writing for a variety of audiences on variety of topics will help us improve faster, and will improve our technical skills, and to have a building relationships in the blogosphere.

Well as for me, only when the time is right. Successful relationships take time and hosting a guest blogger is no exception. I will stay as a supporter for all the WP bloggers out there.

Have you hosted a guest blogger before? Share your experience or the link of the blog and any tips you have in the comments.

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