Friday Refresh! Temporary Change of Logo 2019

Hello neighbors,

I am in the process of reconstructing my blog for a new look, as you can see some of the changes gradually for the next few months from now.

I’ll start with my blog logo. I can’t make up my mind for the design at the moment, so temporarily I will have the logo below for your reference.

It’s just temporary, but at least I am not violating some copyrights of other creators.

Old Logo (Not mine)

New Logo (Still not mine), it’s from the game I am currently playing.

I read somewhere that we need to hire the best when you want to revamp your blog, but for ordinary bloggers like me, I can only depend on what is accessible and what I can afford.

Your feedback is appreciated by participating in my poll below.

Change is constant and changing the logo is an essential significant element of our blog to give it a new look and feel if it’s needed.I hope you find this blog post helpful.

So what do you think of me changing my logo temporarily? Please comment below.

Friday Refresh!

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