Blogging 101: Day Twelve – Increase My Commenting Confidence

In my previous post for The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Curiosity.”, click here.

In relation to our first daily prompt, why I choose the weekly photo challenge about CURIOSITY?

It is curiosity in man’s nature which drives him/her to understand different fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen in life, it also guides us to attain his/her desires and goals in life either a dream or vision, and something which help us to build communities and develop societies.

P.S for the feedback of our few fellow bloggers:

  1. Anand, said: True education is something which helps us retain this sense of curiosity instead of losing it easily.
  2. InternalGPS said: If it isn’t, then all these thoughts and ideas will remain unused.

Today’s task: read six posts written in response to the same prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.

The following blog I believe has interpret it in a way that would have occurred on my own blog, they are brilliant I can say 🙂

a. Elizabeth Obih Frank of Mirth and Motivation

Curiosity: Can baby bear come play with me…?

b. Aditi of Twilightreadings

Our own Santa Claus in a Marilyn Monroe pose, now if this isn’t curiosity, I don’t know what else is 🙂

I did a naughty comments (hahaha! :-D)

comment 1

c. Cyndy of Gentlewit

I’ve managed to capture of a certain guide dog

d. Ira Hairida of Itikkecil

People say curiousity killed the cat 😀

comment 2

e. Tony Gocke of Romceg

My wife gets curious for the WP Weekly Photo Challenge

When I aim to develop myself as a writer I know it is a crazy adventure, as I have no background of whatsoever on writing with grammar. I set a goal whether it will happen or not, I wasn’t quite sure but I knew when this began that I wanted to turn out to be.

Curiosity eh! 🙂


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