Blogging 101: Day Thirteen – Try (Another) Blogging Event

In my previous blogging 101 day eleven and twelve, We are required to explore the blogging community by making a personal prompt either from wordpress or everywhere else, and to read other’s topic similar to the one I have chosen thru a conversation (any social media will do I guess!).

Today’s task: pick a blogging event from the Community Event Listings, and participate in the next round.

In Dailypost of WordPress, one of my favorite is Weekly Photo Challenge, it’s a weekly new post of a photo interpreted either by a word or phrase. We can use to take photo with any optical instrument available like iPhone or DSLR, it is announced every Friday.

I have few of Blogging Event or Challenges that you and I can try:

a. Red Echo Date by Julia of MyRedPage, one quote countless stories

b. Wednesday Music by Nat of FluentHistorian, write about a short story about a song

c. A Photo From Mobile Phone A Day by Muhammad Zen of MuhammadZen, create a post with a photo from your mobile phone for each day for 100 days, and give a (one) paragraph or sentence to explain it.

d. Tech Of The Month by PerelinColors, each month we will learn how to use a feature of our currently camera that we are using or how to apply a new creative technique.

e. Wednesday Lyrics by The Broken Spine, each wednesday he will post lyrics to a song, whether a few lines or just a brief reason why he chose that song.

f. Travel Journey Of  The Week by Liberated Traveller, sharing experiences and reading posts dedicated to a certain place.

If you don’t like the list that I have above you can browse here.

Whether the said event are active or not, or you will follow the rules or not, as they said that by entering events is a great way to connect with like-minded bloggers, find great blogs to read, and attract new readers to our own blog.

Thru this we can find other bloggers, make friends, find some bloggers as our mentors too 🙂


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