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Hey Readers,

As you know that I had this blog just recently, and fortunate enough to joined Blogging 101 of within that month.

Last Friday Fresh!, I had mentioned I have something coming up for my blog, well just for the updates:

I had changed my Blog Theme

From Forever


to Triton Lite

desktop 20151019

Same goes to my Blog Header, as it was mentioned in my first Friday Refresh!




When I first publish this blog, I didn’t know where I am heading but the more I read other bloggers blog the more I am encourage to put some touch up on my blog, so as reading.

The changes that I made had a little touch of my personality, just like what I have learned in my day seven blogging 101.

An amateur writer/blogger like me is in a quest to learn to be better everyday, your participation of my last survey, and for your lovely feedback inspired me to be more creative in anyway as possible with the tools that I have and available out there. Just grab it!Friday Refresh!

I’m so excited you’re here! Welcome! Want a regular dose of my blog posts?

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