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Hello neighbors,

What I am up to?

I was in search of tools that I can use so that I can be productive, proactive, and progressively improve the quality of my blog post.

As you know, I am a newbie blogger, that’s how I still look at myself, though I have been blogging for several years, slacking in some ideas lead me to a long hiatus.

So to avoid the same mistakes, I need to push myself to be better because if I don’t no one would.

The question is what kind of tools I need at the moment. Well, I want it simple to use, accessible anytime, and at no cost.

Below is one of the services/products that I am currently using or testing that will help me grow the level of my blog posts and how to be better of myself:


Good news is that Grammarly’s basic plan is free! We can get corrections while we write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all our favorite sites and software that we use for writing.

It helps me by checking my spelling and grammar errors. You can look through them and approve or ignore the suggested corrections.

You may wanna read about its review on, Bryan Collins of, or by Caitlyn Grey.

Or you can watch a review by LouisPee in Youtube if it’s worth it and how it works.

You can click the link to watch the tutorial in a different browser.

What do you think about it? Do you have one another spell checker in mind?  Let me know in the comments.

Friday Refresh!

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