KoolitzBlog #7 – Food I Can’t Resist – Moist Chocolate Cake

Hello neighbors,

As part of my learning process as a blogger, I always come back from my blogging 101 day nine. Getting an inspiration what to write which would genuinely inspire to me.

Today’s inspiration came from our dear blogger WheresHappy of AFunnyThingHappenWhenIWasLearningMyself (quite long eh!?), she is a writer young at heart.

In her post, here. She posted the question for her reader to answer:

What food or drink item can you not resist, even if you’re extremely full or on a diet?

I love food, but I am picky at the same time. I choose food that is agreeable to my taste buds and food that is good for my health. So there is always a dish that when it is offered or given to us, we can’t resist the temptation regardless of its nutrition contents.

While reading her post in her blog, the food that came out in my mind that is making me crave right now is a moist chocolate cake. Yum!



So what food you can’t resist?

Updated: 19-May-2019

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