Writing 101: Day Twenty – The Future

Writing 101 day twenty, last task,

Congratulations! It’s the final day of Writing 101. We hope these prompts have encouraged you to brainstorm and write in new ways and introduced you to new tools and resources.

As we wind down the course, let’s look forward. What’s next? Some prompts to get you started:

  • Next month, I plan to . . .
  • What does the remainder of 2015 hold for you?
  • I believe that my future looks . . .
  • In the future, I could do without . . .
  • 5, 10, 20 years from now . . .

Thanks so much for joining us this month! As we wrap up the course, stop by the Commons to ask any additional questions and see what fellow participants are up to next.

Here are my overview of my learning adventure:

DAY ONE – I Write Because…

DAY TWO – Write A List

DAY THREE – One-Word Inspiration (LOVE)

DAY FOUR – A Story In A Single Image

DAY FIVE – Let Social Media Inspire You

DAY SIX – The Space To Write

DAY SEVEN – Hook ‘Em With A Quote

DAY EIGHT – Expand A Comment

DAY NINE – Reinvent A Letter Format

DAY TEN – Update Your Readers Over A Cup Of Coffee

DAY ELEVEN – Writing And Not Writing

DAY TWELVE – Play With Word Count

DAY THIRTEEN – Compose A Series Of Vignettes

DAY FOURTEEN – Recreate A Single Day

DAY FIFTEEN – Take A Cue From Your Readers

DAY SIXTEEN – Search Your Stats For A Post Idea

DAY SEVENTEEN – Mine Your Own Material

DAY EIGHTEEN – A Map As Your Muse

DAY NINETEEN – Feature A Guest (Roundup)

I know I want to learn to become a writer/blogger someday, and I know I have to start somewhere.

Just like what I have said in my blogging 101 day fifteen, I can’t tell for now the future of my blog, but what I know I have goals that I have already set from my day two writing 101.

As for now and I might say I will have a daily blog, sharing out some lovin’ ideas that I have and other bloggers too.

I am grateful for the journey that I had with Writing 101 of WordPress.com by Blogging University with its team, it was fun to learn from them and from several fellow bloggers too.